About Walanga Muru

Walanga Muru means ‘follow your path’ in the language of the local Dharug People. Walanga Muru recognises that education is a powerful vehicle for change not only for students but also for their families and communities.

Walanga Muru believes that the success of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students is achieved through a holistic approach that recognises cultural differences, and values diversity of cultural backgrounds and experiences of those students accessing higher education.

Staff within this team engage across the university to ensure students gain access to mainstream student services as well as providing advice on specific services offered to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through Walanga Muru.

Our Walanga Muru community will:

  • walk together to pursue the principles of self-determination through affirming strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and identities.
  • ensure meaningful and respectful relationships in the sharing of knowledges, cultures and experiences and in working with our communities, Elders and Knowledge Holders.
  • respect and have pride in our histories, knowledges, identities, cultures, beliefs and values, as well as respecting the cultural backgrounds of others.
  • build on our foundations of respect, knowledge, community protocols and cultural values, and celebrate our shared and unique identities. We will ensure a culturally affirming space that defines a strong and proud Aboriginal community.

A fish, drawn in fine white lines, swims across a banner of the Macquarie colours

This image is a totem, gifted to Walanga Muru by the Dharug Community.

"The Wallumai is a shy but clever fish, who uses the shadows and patterns created by the mangroves to protect the younger fish. The mangroves are their nursery, their school and their home. The mangroves represent life – the obstacles and tangles that we need to navigate. Once we learn the right path to take, we are safe in that knowledge and in our lives. At Walanga Muru, we seek to assist our students and staff to navigate the obstacles and tangles of life to emerge as strong, resilient leaders for the future." – Auntie Kerrie Kenton

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Last updated: 20 May 2022