Respect, relationships, responsibility, reciprocity

This training is designed to motivate and build a positive knowledge position for Macquarie University staff and students.

Manawari Staff Aboriginal Cultural Safety Training

This training seeks to give all staff a meaningful understanding and respect for Aboriginal cultural values, histories, beliefs, practices, knowledges and philosophies.

The training is underpinned by the Macquarie University Indigenous Strategy and Reconciliation Statement focusing on creating a better understanding of cultural values, knowledges and perspectives that will lead to greater engagement and social responsibility.

The training consists of three stages:

  1. Pre-workshop online modules
  2. Face-to-face workshop
  3. Survey/Evaluation

Once these stages are completed participants will receive a micro-credential from the University.

Further information and registration

I found the training to be incredibly thought-provoking and I have taken away a number of action points for me to now look into.

Participant evaluation

Manawari Student Training

This program is similar to the Manawari Staff Training, but with a focus on students.

This self-paced training program will provide students with a preview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and events, covering broad topical discussion points of interest and hopes to encourage students to learn more. They may choose to do this by undertaking an accredited Indigenous Studies unit to complement and add value to their current studies.

The training consists of an online component only, which should take approximately three hours to complete.

Cultural safety is for everyone. To appreciate culture you must understand and respect the different cultures and knowledges.

Participant evaluation
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Last updated: 13 Feb 2023