Empowerment through education

At Macquarie University, we recognise that education is a powerful vehicle for change — not only for students but also for their families and communities.

Walanga Muru believes that the success of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in higher education is achieved through a holistic approach that recognises cultural differences, and values the diversity of students’ cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Our student engagement team

Our all-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team engages across the University to ensure students gain access to mainstream student services as well as providing advice on specific services offered to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through Walanga Muru.

Supporting our students

Staff engage with diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate students in specific discipline areas. Additionally we assign a staff member to first-year students as we believe this is the most crucial period in a student’s academic life.

The Mudang-Dali (meaning ‘to live’ in Dharug language) Indigenous Connected Curriculum Framework provides a centralised framework towards achieving a quality approach to the embedding of Indigenous values, philosophies and knowledges into current and future curriculum.

The Framework provides the opportunity to educate all Macquarie University students in the development of positive attitudes, knowledge, understandings and skills that impact diversity, inclusiveness and cultural
contexts within global environments.

Read more about the Mudang-Dali Indigenous Connected Curriculum Framework.

For further information contact:

Dr Joe Perry
Academic Director, Indigenous Learning and Teaching
Walanga Muru
6 First Walk, Room 323
T: +61 (2) 9850 8616
E: joe.perry@todosobretrafico.com

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