Providing dynamic and diverse study options

Immerse yourself in writing, literature, journalism, social media, public relations, screen production, music, the performing arts and entertainment industries, interactive web design, communication, languages, cultural studies.

Six student dancers performing at Macquarie University’s 50th Anniversary Gala. They are posing in a line, one behind the other with those at the front crouching and those at the back standing, between two close-up images of glowing plant life or green fibre optic cables.Studying in our department means you’ll learn from award-winning experts, and get to use our industry-standard facilities which are some of the most extensive and well-equipped in the Australian university landscape. The learning outcomes of our courses cover a huge variety of academic disciplines and practical skills.

Our disciplines

We are highly interdisciplinary: students can study across our various disciplines, undertaking electives, minors, or majors in a combination of areas.

Creative arts, such as music and the performing arts, enrich our lives and the lives of others.


Our music studies recognise the different ways that musicians learn, create and perform.

You’ll use the latest industry technology to explore various forms of music, alongside honing your skills in performance, collaboration, creative thinking, and production.

Music breaks down barriers and encourages cross-cultural appreciation. It brings people together, communicates ideas and cultures, and gets deep into our souls and our psyche. From rock and pop to electronic, vocals and world music, it communicates and connects us in unique and special ways.

Our Bachelor of Music – with its focus on synergies across production and performance, including theoretical and practical study – is the only degree of its kind in Australia. It will develop your theoretical, practical and industry-focused skills, as well as your musical training, and help you prepare for life as a musician, songwriter, music producer, music journalist or publisher, screen and game music designer, or in many fields where musical skills and an understanding of creativity and collaboration are required.

Performing arts and entertainment industries

Studying the performing arts and entertainment industries at MCCALL, you will gain industry-specific knowledge in arts management and production and be given opportunities to explore your own performance making.

The program combines theoretical and conceptual understandings with practical production experience across a wide suite of performing arts and entertainment industries, including theatre, dance, performance, music, and related disciplines such as film, television, and gaming.

You will develop industry-relevant knowledge of the creative processes, management, production, and business practices of the performing arts and entertainment industries and learn how to communicate and debate ideas to various audiences in live and online contexts.

Our performing arts and entertainment program will prepare you for a wide range of exciting careers as professionals in the Performing Arts and Entertainment sectors as creatives, managers, agents, curators, directors, producers, entrepreneurs, and creative content writers and producers, and in the many fields where creativity, innovation, and collaboration skills are needed.

Literature and creative writing explore what it means to be human. Study English literature or creative writing to engage with and write about the lived experiences of others in the world.

Our academics are at the forefront of cultural change, innovation, and new forms of thinking. We publish widely across literary studies and creative writing.

Studying English at MCCALL you will develop many essential skills including communication, evaluation, flexibility, and independence of judgement as well as build advanced skills in reading, analysis, interpretation and communication as you deal with texts and their functions within particular cultures.

Literature and creative writing will prepare you for future work in many fields including editing and publishing, as a media writer, copywriter, literary agent, media advisor, public relations specialist, advertising and marketing executive, communications coordinator, social media coordinator, and in the many areas of work where creative writing skills and literary knowledge are required.

Language connects us around the world. MCCALL hosts one of Sydney’s leading language hubs, and is ranked in the top eight universities offering modern languages across Australia and New Zealand.

Our strong relationship with international communities in Australia and abroad gives us a strong foundation in understanding languages and their value, providing you with the opportunity to expose yourself to a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding global, regional, and local cultural contexts.

At MCCALL, our focus on intercultural experiences will equip you with transferable intercultural skills that are highly valued in today’s globalised job market. Prepare for work in a wide range of fields including consulting, cultural organisation, international public sector and international aid (UN agencies and IGOs and NGOs), cultural research and advisory work, multinational corporations, tourism, global communications, community services, or with additional study, education or translation and interpreting.

Develop skills for a rapidly evolving media industry. Our media, cultural and creative pursuits are built on foundations of ethical practice, integrity, and a belief in social justice. These disciplines will help you prepare for life in the media, cultural, and creative industries.

As a future media producer, journalist, non-fiction writer, public relations and social media expert, or filmmaker, you’ll have the opportunity to explore both the theory and practice of your chosen field both in the media industries, and in the diverse range of jobs in many sectors that rely on an ability to really understand and effectively use the media.