19 diverse majors and more at MCCALL

Choose from undergraduate or postgraduate courses, research training degrees and diplomas across our range of disciplines.


The following are just some of the majors, minors, specialisations and diplomas that we offer our undergraduate students.

Within the Bachelor of Arts we offer majors in:

  • Creative Writing
  • English
  • Media, Culture, and Communications
  • Music Studies
  • Performing Arts and Entertainment Industries
  • Chinese Studies
  • French and Francophone Studies
  • German Studies
  • Japanese Studies
  • Spanish and Latin American Studies.
  • Croatian Studies
  • Italian Studies
  • Modern Greek Studies
  • Russian Studies.

Interested in languages and cultures? Study a Bachelor of International Studies with a specialisation, or a Diploma of Languages.

In the Bachelor of Media and Communications we offer majors in:

  • Interactive Design
  • Journalism and Non-Fiction Writing
  • Online Media, Podcasting, and Radio
  • Public Relations and Social Media
  • Screen Practice and Production.

The Bachelor of Music is focused on developing practical, theoretical and industry-focused skills. It is a music degree for the 21st Century and prepares students for the current and emerging industries.

Postgraduate courses

Our postgraduate degrees include research degrees, such as a Master of Research (MRes) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and the following coursework suites:

Courses by area of interest

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