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Professor Matt Bower

Matt Bower is a professor in the School of Education at Macquarie University, who specialises in the innovative use of technology for learning purposes. He is particularly interested in how contemporary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, web-based tools, virtual worlds,...


Area of expertise

Dr Rebecca Andrews
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Educator-child Interactions
  • Children's memory
  • Teacher education student mentoring
  • Professional experience

Ms Michelle Bishop
Associate Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Education policy and Indigenous/Aboriginal students
  • Indigenous and critical perspectives in education
  • Indigenous Knowledges
  • Indigenous research methodologies
  • Curriculum and pedagogy

Professor Matt Bower
Professor in Educational Studies

  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Learning design
  • Blended learning
  • Educational technology innovation
  • Teacher education
  • Computing education

Professor Rebecca Bull
Professor of Numeracy in Educational Studies

  • Early numeracy development and intervention
  • Cognitive development
  • Impact of hearing loss on learning and development
  • Educator-child interactions and classroom quality
  • Early childhood education and care
Dr Emma Burns
Lecturer of Educational Psychology
Deputy Director -Secondary Education Program
  • Motivation and engagement
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Teacher-student relationships
  • Social cognitive theory

Associate Professor Michael Cavanagh
Director of Education

  • Teacher education
  • Reflective practice
  • Professional experience
  • Mathematics education

Associate Professor Alice Chik
Associate Professor in Educational Studies

  • Multilingualism in education
  • Learner autonomy
  • Digital literacy
  • Foreign language learning
  • Reading acquisition
  • Literacy teaching

Dr Hye-Eun Chu
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Cross-cultural science education research
  • Interactions in science classrooms
  • Innovative science teaching and learning(e.g. arts integrated STEM)
  • Students’ conceptual development in science learning through explanatory modelling and multimodal thinking
  • Scientific literacy/Environmental literacy

Dr Kathy Cologon
Postgraduate Director

  • Inclusive education and social inclusion
  • Disability Studies
  • Child and family perspectives
  • Professional reflexivity and teacher change
  • Literacies
  • Early Childhood
Dr Tamara Cumming
Postgraduate Director
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educator Wellbeing
  • Workforce Sustainability
  • Practice and Leadership

Dr Belinda Davis
Course Director for Early Childhood

  • Professional experience
  • Reflective practice
  • Infant toddler experiences in early childhood settings
  • Curriculum

Dr Poulomee Datta
Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education
Program Director: Primary Education

  • Inclusive and Special Education
  • Disability Studies
  • Educational Psychology
  • Behaviour Management

Professor Sheila Degotardi
Interim Dean of Education

  • Infant-toddler learning and teaching
  • Relationship-based pedagogies
  • Young children’s interactions
  • Pedagogies for language development and learning
  • Young children's thinking

Dr John De Nobile
Course Director - Primary Teacher Education

  • Educational leadership
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Classroom management
  • Primary science methodology

Dr Emilia Djonov
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Multi-literacies
  • Early language and literacy
  • Multimodality
  • (Critical) Discourse Analysis
  • Social Semiotics
  • Systemic Functional Linguistics

Dr Chuanmei Dong
Lecturer in Early Childhood Education

  • Young children’s use of technologies
  • Teachers’ perspectives and pedagogy
  • Professional Development
  • Sociocultural approach

Dr Dean Dudley
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Health and Physical Education
  • Physical Literacy
  • Assessment
  • Sport & Coaching

Dr Janet Dutton
Lecturer in Secondary English

  • Secondary English curriculum and HSC English
  • Creative literacy pedagogy
  • Teacher motivation and retention
  • Teacher identity, voice and reflective practice

Dr John Ehrich
Senior Lecturer in Educational data, Measurement and Assessment

  • Rasch modelling
  • Experimental psychology
  • Assessment
  • Reading processes
  • Dark Leadership

Professor Garry Falloon
Professor of Digital learning and Vincent Fairfax Foundation Chair of Teacher Education

  • Digital Learning (classroom focused)
  • Online, blended and distance learning
  • Curriculum design and assessment
  • Research methodologies
  • Primary and middle school education
  • Science education
  • Technology education

Dr Loraine Fordham
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Relational pedagogy in early years settings
  • Family-centred practices
  • Early speech and language development
  • Inclusive early childhood education

Dr Anne Forbes
Senior Lecturer in STEM Education (Early Childhood & Primary)

  • STEM Education - primary and early years
  • Communities of Science Practice

Dr Ruth French
Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Literacies education
  • Teacher education
  • Systemic functional linguistics
  • Curriculum and pedagogy
  • Children’s literature

Associate Professor Fay Hadley
Director of Initial Teacher Education

  • Early childhood workforce
  • Educational leadership
  • Family diversity
  • Professional learning and development
  • Professional experience
  • Partnerships with families

Professor Linda Harrison
Professorial Research Fellow

  • Infant and toddler learning, development and well being
  • Child-adult attachment relationships at home and in early childhood education and school settings
  • Innovative approaches to measurement and assessment in early childhood education and care
  • Quantitative research design and methodology, longitudinal analysis techniques

Associate Professor Neil Harrison
Associate Professor in Educational Studies

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education
  • Affective learning
  • Trauma informed education
  • Learning from Country
  • Educational philosophy
  • Primary education

Associate Professor Iain Hay
Director of Professional Learning and Engagement

  • Initial Teacher Education
  • Professional learning
  • School engagement
  • Gender/GLBTI/Young parents
  • Educational policy & leadership
  • Comparative education
  • Tertiary Education Management

Dr Toni Hopper
Lecturer In Educational Studies

  • Special Education
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

Dr Sally Howell
Principal, MUSEC School

  • Special Education
  • Early numeracy acquisition
  • Early literacy acquisition
  • Number sense as a predictor of numeracy difficulties


Area of expertise

Professor Tiffany Jones
Director of Research and Innovation

  • Gender, Sexuality and Education
  • Education Policy, Health Policy, Social Policy
  • Sociology of Education
  • LGBTIQA+ Issues
  • Comparative and International Education
  • Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methods

Professor Philip Li
Course Director for Master of Education/Master of Early Childhood

  • Developmental psycholinguistics
  • Early Chinese literacy
  • Early childhood curriculum and pedagogy
  • Educational policy

Dr Helen Little
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Outdoor learning environments
  • Risky play
  • Child development

Dr Rhett Loban
Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Digital Media
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Indigenous Studies

Dr Anne McMaugh
Senior Lecturer, Educational Psychology
Program Director - BPhil/MRes

  • Educational psychology
  • Social and emotional development
  • Cognitive and non-cognitive factors in learning (e.g. growth mindset)
  • Learning and development in vulnerable community, family and school contexts.
  • Research methods and design

Dr Sue Ollerhead
Acting Course Director - Secondary Teacher Education

  • Language teacher education
  • Multilingual education
  • Classroom pedagogy
  • Language policy
  • Literacy across the curriculum
  • Oracy development in schools

Dr Kerry-Ann O'Sullivan
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • English and multiliteracies education
  • Texts, discourses, & decision making
  • Professional identity construction
  • Pedagogical change & professional learning

Professor Rauno Parrila
Professor in Educational Studies

  • Learning difficulties across life-span
  • Cognitive and socio-cognitive compensation mechanisms
  • Reading acquisition across writing systems
  • Reading instruction and interventions
  • Developmental systems theory
  • Special and inclusive education

Professor Liz Pellicano
Professor in Educational Studies

  • Autism education
  • Cognitive development (with a focus on executive control)
  • Autistic perception and cognition
  • Inclusive education
  • Using technology with autistic people

Dr Sarah Powell
Lecturer Educational Studies

  • Music education
  • Music pedagogy
  • Creative arts
  • Early childhood literacy

Dr Markus Powling
Lecturer in Science and Technology

  • Primary science and technology
  • Interdisciplinary STEM
  • Digital technology in education (including AI)

Professor Mary Ryan
Professor and Dean, Macquarie School of Education

  • Teacher preparation and reflexive practice
  • Writing development and pedagogy
  • Literacies
  • Reflective learning across programs/curriculum
  • Texts and discourses of learning and teaching
  • Socio-spatial contexts of learning

Dr Iliana Skrebneva
Lecturer in Inclusive Education

  • Inclusive and Special Education
  • Curriculum and Assessment
  • Indigenous Education
  • Disability studies

Associate Professor Kathleen Tait MBPsS
Associate Professor in Special Education

  • Developmental disabilities
  • Communication disorders
  • Program outcomes evaluation
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Quality of life & family impact
  • Intercultural studies in disability

Mrs Amy Thunig
Associate Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Indigenous Research
  • Indigenous perspectives and knowledges in Education
  • Cultural Competency
  • Primary Teaching

Dr Luke Touhill
Director Mia Mia and Family Study Centre

  • Design of early childhood learning environments
  • History of early childhood education
  • Contemporary early childhood curriculum and pedagogy
  • Play and project based learning approaches

Dr Dung Tran
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics/STEM Education

  • Mathematics education/statistics education
  • STEM education
  • Teacher education
  • Mathematical/statistical literacy
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Curriculum analysis, design

Associate Professor Penny Van Bergen
Associate Professor in Educational Psychology

  • Educational psychology
  • Children’s memory and learning
  • Parent-child reminiscing
  • Socio emotional development
  • Socio emotional development
  • Emotion understanding and perspective-taking
  • Student-teacher relationships

Dr Hua-Chen Wang
Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Cognitive processes in reading
  • Learning to read in children and adults
  • Reading difficulties and their treatments
  • Learning to read in different writing systems and in bilingualism

Dr Kim Wilson
Lecturer in Secondary History Education

  • Ideological constructions of knowledge
  • Effects of construction of knowledge on student learning
  • History, Memory and National Identity
  • Teaching complex critical thinking skills to develop astute thinkers
  • Mentoring new and recent graduate teachers

Associate Professor Sandie Wong
Associate Professor in Educational Studies

  • Early childhood practice
  • Early childhood workforce
  • Early childhood educator well-being
  • History of early childhood

Dr Shirley Wyver
Director - Higher Degree Research

  • Outdoor play and learning
  • Cognitive development
  • Vision impairment
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