Macquarie University Microscopy Unit

Macquarie University Microscopy Unit

Faculty of Science and Engineering Microscopy Unit

The Faculty of Science and Engineering Microscopy Unit is a research & service based laboratory.

The microscopy staff provide appropriate training, support and expertise to MQ staff and students (clients). The unit has a suite of electron and optical instruments with associated specimen preparation equipment.


The Microscopy Unit has a wide variety of instruments for biological and material imaging and characterisation, including:

Specimen Preparation Systems

Coating Systems

The Microscopy Unit offers:

  • Access to a suite of instruments and expertise
  • Research support
  • Training in the use of instrumentation
  • Fee for service and direct access.

More Information:

Sue Lindsay
Microscopy Unit Manager
T: 02 9850 8124
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Basement, E8A Building
Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Australia

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