Creating educational opportunities

Your compassion and generosity offer a path to students who — without your help — may never have realised their true potential.

Your donation will help us award scholarships, creating opportunities for bright minds.

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Areas to support

  • Equity (needs-based) scholarships
  • Indigenous scholarships
  • MQ Health Student Support Fund
  • Reading Clinic Scholarship Fund
  • Student Emergency Fund
  • FSE (Faculty of Science and Engineering) Scholarship
  • Young Researcher Support Fund.

I want to give Indigenous people a voice

‘Being at uni, I have never been more proud to be Aboriginal,’ says Bronte Charles from her room on campus, and a shiver goes down my spine as I take in what she has just said. ‘I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to connect with ...

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The scholarship means so much to me

It’s one thing to know where you want to go in life. It’s quite another to be aware of what possibilities even exist and know others who have made the leap. For Kyh Samuelsson, who is the first in his family to go to university, the older kids...

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Scholarships help Katelyn achieve her dreams

Katelyn Mills is a Gamilaraay woman studying a Master of Research in Education. She is from Moree, NSW, and lives in Sydney. She is First in Family having graduated from Macquarie University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Biology and Ch...

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Maintaining his identity - Bryton Johnson

“You’re not going to go to university tomorrow.” They were the words that turned Bryton Johnson’s world upside down. “I was in the city and had just finished my interview for the scholarship when I was told the university was...

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Changing the world - one student at a time

‘There just weren’t the facilities to help a student like me excel at school or apply to university,’ remembers Taylor, a law and business undergraduate from the South Coast of New South Wales. ‘Most people didn’t understand ...

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Scholarship allows Victor to pursue his dream

As a child, Hong Kong-born Victor Lee harboured dreams of studying medicine overseas. However, in his final years of school, his mother lost her job, which meant there was no money for him to study abroad. Just missing out on getting enough marks to study...

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Jessica Kennedy

First in family scholarship recipient

Jessica Kennedy was at the cinema unwinding after a stressful week when she received the email that she was a "First in Family" scholarship recipient. "I kept reading the email over and over again. I was so excited! I must've missed a half hour of the mov...

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Danielle Malone

Indigenous Incentive Scholarship

Raised in rural New South Wales, Danielle Malone was the first person in her family to finish Year 12. Tertiary education, however, seemed an unreachable goal: she hadn’t received the required marks, and it was too expensive for her to consider stud...

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